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Using Contact Sub folders in OWA

How can I enable the "show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" in Outlook Web Access.
When I create a new message I'd like to be able to search the contact su folders, not just the GAL and main Contacts.
Can someone help?

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You can't search the subfolder for contacts but you can enable it to be viewed.  In Outlook go to the subfolder properties and click the Outlook Address Book tab.  Place a checkmark in "Show this folder as an email address book".  This will enable you to see the folder and contents in OWA.  This way you can choose a contact from this list before writing the email.
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Simon, thanks for making me double-check this.  It is a little different than I mentioned.  But in OWA if you open a contact in a contacts subfolder there is an email icon that says "send mail to contact".  Click on this icon and it will create a new email message with this user in the To box.  If you want to send an email to multiple users in a contacts subfolder you will need to do what Simon suggested and copy and paste their email addresses into the message.  Hope this makes sense.