Powerpoint crashes when I close it.

I'm working on a tablet laptop (IBM Thinkpad) running Vista Basic. Office 2007 Pro is installed.
When I close PowerPoint the first time, it gives me some kind of error message saying that PowerPoint needs to restart. It then restarts PowerPoint.
Whenever I close PowerPoint after that, windows gives me an error message saying:
"Microsoft Office PowerPoint has stopped working"
"A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Event log says:
Application error ID: 1000
"Faulting application POWERPNT.EXE, version 12.0.4518.1014, time stamp 0x45428035, faulting module mso.dll, version 12.0.6017.5000, time stamp 0x461db01f, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0036e70c, process id 0x510, application start time 0x01c80201d5f05760."

This only happens on PowerPoint, non of the other Office programs have this behavior.
I have already attempted to run a repair on Office 2007, but this did not help.
I have all the Microsoft updates at this point, and have restarted many times.
According to the logs, this has been happening since 9/26/07
Any ideas, other than wait for Microsoft to get off their duffs and fix this?
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GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try deleting your printer and then add it using autodetection under Vista.  Vista asks you if you'd like to use the existing driver or replace it. Choose Replace and you should be good.
dscitsAuthor Commented:
It was his printer. After uninstalling his HP OfficeJet 6180, PowerPoint worked fine. However, when we reinstall the printer, PowerPoint goes back to the way it was. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by autodetection under Vista; however, I did try plugging in the printer again and having it automatically install the drivers, that didn't work.
I really think the problem is that HP needs to update their drivers though.
I'd agree.  It appears both Office 2007 and Vista have exposed many print driver issues.
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I have 3 clients with the identical issue, but we're still using Windows XP.  Two of the 3 people who've reported the issue have local HP all-in-one printers; the third person has a networked all-in-one printer.  Does anyone have any thoughts about this?  I appreciate your help.
It's Office 2007 that has the issue with the print drivers rather than the operating systems.
Can you get updated drivers for the printers?  And, if not, the work-around would be to change their DEFAULT print driver and force them to specify the printer manually when they print.
I just got a call from one of my offsite users who is using the Hp all in ne c4280 and office 2007 and XP.
She is seeing these symptoms with Word and powerpoint 2007. Repar did nothing, I told her about the work around i saw on google which is the same as GlennaShaw described. I am waiting for her to get back to me. Your news lifts my hopes. Otehr than that I was going to try and rename the normal.dotm but was not sure if this would help Powerpoint I know it effects Word.
 I will download the drivers from HP and have her install and hope it clears it up.
This issue was occurring with a c5200 printer and Powerpoint/Word 2007 on a client's computer. I changed her default printer to and old one that hadn't been uninstalled and it fixed the problem. I was unable to update the drivers because I didn't have access to the printer but I see HP released drivers on the 15th of Feb. 2008.

If anyone has this problem with old drivers and solves the problem by updating please let us know, I tried contacting HP to ask for a list of fixes addressed in the update and the guy had no idea what I was talking about.
I have a Photosmart C7280 printer and attempted uninstalling and reinstalling the printer without success.  If I open Powerpoint 2007 in the safe mode I do not get the message when closing Powerpoint.
By now it should have been patched by Microsoft or HP, after you install make sure you do all the updates. If this is still a problem you have to change the default printer to something else. If you change the default printer the problem goes away. If you dont know how to do that google it, and if you only have one printer, install any random (non HP) printer manually and make it default.
Updated HP drivers for an officejet K5400 and it did not help.  Also did all of the windows updates.  I called HP technical support and they told me to turn off the MS office add-ins but once again it just keeps crashing.
Have you updated Office to SP1?  Open PowerPoint, click on Office Button, PowerPoint Options, Resources, Check for Updates
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