How to setup a lexmark optra s 1855 as a network printer

I just got (2nd hand) a Lexmark optra s 1855 with an ethernet connection. But no printed instructions for network setup. I assume with proper setup any computer on my network will be able to print to it directly. Is this true? And how do I set it up. Right now when I browse for a network printer none shows up.

Under TCP/IP settings I enabled DHCP, provided the gateway address of my router and that works. But I'm missing the next step.
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Manual here:
Sorry just rushing out, hopefully someone can pick up any queries

M :o)
ramromconsultant Author Commented:
In that manual, under network setup page 112, it says "Refer to the documentation that came with your network option." Of course, as I said, I have no such documentation.
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Good find!

You may find this one from Lexmark helpful if you need to access the print server settings at any stage:

Sorry not to be much help earlier - day job got in the way!  ;)
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