reinstalling office 2007 oem

i have a microsoft office 2007 professional key (with cd box, no media)
my pc hard drive has died and i have needed to rebuild my os.

The only place i han see to download office 2007 is from the microsoft website as a trial version.

after ive downloaded that, installed it, used the trial key and then tried to register it as a full version with my authentic key it says the key isnt valid. I have checked the key again and again and it is correct, im wondering whether i have to download another version from a different place?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I suspect you have an MLK key.  (see:
MLK keys WILL NOT activate downloaded versions of Office.

This shouldn't be a problem to get fixed - although if M$ are feeling picky they could redirect you to your OEM hardware supplier for the unregistered MLK installation.

When you get to the registration stage give M$ a call on their toll-free number and explain that you had to reinstall your MLK version and now it won't activate

The UK number is (0800) 018-8354 - at least that's the one I usually use.  They may say that number is for volume licencing only and give you another freephone (or you might get a helpful person who will sort this for you first call)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
How was your original Office media supplied?
The key you have will only be valid for that form of the media, so if it was supplied with your machine you will need the OEM version.
Did you get system restore disks with the machine?
peachplcAuthor Commented:
i didnt have any recovery media with the machine.
it did prompt me to make a backup but i didnt. It came with a trial version and i purchased the license key within the 90 day time limit as required.
My friend had a HP machine and he just download the microsoft trial version from the internet and then registered it with his key and it worked, although his key was a full version and not an oem

So i dont know what to do
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You simply CANNOT download a full version of MS office from any M$ site.  You MUST install it from the CD, that is the only way to get the complete package.  The downloadable version is NOT complete, and it is full of code to cripple it -- simply adding a valid key will not make this crippled package into the full version.  M$ simply does NOT do things this way.  You will HAVE to acquire the media to get a complete functioning version of office 2005-2007.
Nick DennyCommented:
There is nowhere you can download an OEM Office 2007 install legally (or illegally , most likely).
You will need to get hold of an "OPK" (OEM Preinstall Kit).

Most PC builders and companies should have one and could probably sort this for you for a small fee.

The fact that you have the box without the CD implies it is NOT a retail version (therefore OEM) - and as already stated an MLK (Medialess License Key).

As you will have received your computer either "Office Ready" (in which case you put your key in) - or already activated (in which case your supplier did it for you) suggests you should be able to ask your vendor for assistance here.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
<Takes deep breath and puts head over parapet :)>

Actually there are several ways you can download full versions of Office 2007 legally from Microsoft. seriousnick is correct about obtaining the OEM MLK thoough.

Currently the Ultimate Steal allows a full download of Home & Student for registered students which can be unlocked or renewed annually.

All of the product trials downloaded from the Microsoft site are capable of activation to fully functional - even before the "60 day" period is up (Expiry is the end of the calendar month that falls 60 days or more after first use)

For registered TechNet users Offic 2007 NFD is available from the TechNet download site

The point I'm trying tio get across is the Activation Key you are supplied with is specific to the version you have on your PC

If you have and OEM MLK "Trial" version that came installed with your PC you buy an MLK Activation Key if you have a Trial Download from the Microsoft site you get the key that is appropriate to your chosen flavor of Office, the keys are not interchangable between versions.

I have found Microsoft are usually helpful where users have inadvertently removed the origianlly installed media at providing a key that will activate their product.  However as I pointed out earlier, they are technically correct if they tell you you have to go back to your supplier to have the MLK trial install replaced as OEM installs do not include technical support.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
At least a split here :)
I know this Question has been closed, but for anyone looking, You can in fact perfectly legally download a Backup Version of the Office install for Medialess License Kits. There is a link on the Disk box or folder that the License came in. This link will take you to a page where you can either download, or order a CD, (for a small fee for delivery). You will need to provide your Product Key and Email address. You will then be directed to the site for downloading the installation media.
Guys, I am just downloading the office 2007 from Microsoft's website.

Follow the instructions, put in the product key and you get the download.

I suggest everyone whoever buys Office OEM does this so that it can be used later on.

Since it verified my product key, I am not worried whether it will work with the version I am downloading as during the varification of th key, it also identified the edition of Office 2007 I have the OEM license for.

So good on Microsoft for doing this.

thanks man i like your sharing thanks again
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