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IBM 7028-6E4 PowerPC stuck in boot loop

Last Modified: 2013-11-17
    I have an IBM pSeries 7028-6E4 PowerPC running AIX 5.2.  I have been experiencing very slow network speed (mainly during backup procedures).  I couldn't find any hardware problems with the network or network cards, so I figured I'd apply OS updates (it was out of date anyway).  They appeared to be successful (other than the ones which didn't have pre-requisites installed).  I was still not seeing an improvement to my network.  Being a novice admin working on a non-critical machine I figured rebooting might help.  Now my machine boots to the point where the display on the PC itself says "AIX is starting", then it stops and reboots...  The console says something like "Boot pci@40000...110/pci@2,4/scsi@1/sd@8:2    Closing stdin & stdout".  
    Using the SMS menus I don't see any errors in my error log.  I've also run hardware diagnostics from a CD image I downloaded from the IBM site.  It indicates that I have no hardware problems.
    I took the machine apart and blew the dust out of anything I could get apart (I didn't remove the CPU's, but I did pull out the memory).
    I don't have my OS CD's (except for an old 4.3.3 version) and I was too dumb to make a bootable CD.  
    Does anyone have any idea how I can get myself out of this mess?  Maybe point me in a direction where I can download an image of a boot CD for AIX 5.2?  

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Well, no one is answering, I guess that means this fits the criteria for a difficult question so the points should be raised?

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    Thank you for that information.  I am in the process of trying to get a set of CDs.  Please expand on what you mean by starting verbose poweron through SMS.  I can't find anything regarding the poweron settings.  

Thanks again.
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Inside SMS there is power options. Just power on. If you use power button there is less output.
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My first answer deserves B grade since asker went into unknown darkness and in my opinion he/she still needs help resolving AIX bootloader issue.
Forced accept.

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