Windows 2003 Domain Controller Promotion

I have two different domains requiring a new DC. The first domain contains:
1 - 2003 Server, AD, DNS, IIS, Exchange
I will be moving this DC to a VM and would like to know the steps. I have read about FSMO and other items such as GC. But how can I ensure these are transfered? What do they do? What other 'hidden' items are there that I need to ensure have been moved?

The second domain contains a 2000 (AD, DNS, Exchange) server which will be replaced also by a 2003 server VM. I understand I will need to run adprep to prepare it for server 2003. What else should I consider?
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jkjacksonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the first one, if you are using VMWare DO NOT use the converter program, or any program like it. it will take you hours to get the DC running correctly again. Just simply build you a new vm promote it and then transfer all of the FSMO rolls to it. After you transfer the rolls, it will show you under each rools tab whos is the master.

Not sure on the second question
CDCOPAuthor Commented:
I didn't plan on the converter. I have already created the VM's for promotion. How do I xfer the roles?
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LauraEHunterMVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I also recommend familiarizing yourself with the following white paper about running domain controllers within Virtual Machines:

While running DCs within a VM is supported by Microsoft, the process has some implementation details that you need to be aware of to spare yourself some long troubleshooting errors because you thought it would be a good idea to "restore from saved state" one day, and the like.
CDCOPAuthor Commented:
On the Windows 2000 server, I need to run adprep (/forestprep and /domainprep I believe before the 2003 server can become a DC. This is a production server, will running the adprep effect the users?
It triggers full AD replication, which depending on the size of your environment may need to be scheduled for off-hours maintenance.
CDCOPAuthor Commented:
5 users. Small. So there should be no *problems* running it during hours. Any thoughts on problems that *may* arise?
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