IE Page Load Timeout

IE page Load Timeout For An ASP Page Needs To Be Extended, Already Using Server.Scripttimeout On The ASP Page, And IIS Setting For Page Timeout Is 900 Seconds. The page Still Generates Cannot Find Server Error.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Resolve The Issue?
Client Or Server Or Both

Thanks In Advance
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Wow, you capitalized the first letter of every word there.  I've never seen someone do that.  Interesting.
This doesn't sound like a timeout issue.  That error is different.  Do you get it all the time, and does the page ever load properly?
As @golfdoctor rightly pointed out this does not seem to be a timeout issue...To me this sounds like a problem in the browser, not with your local IIS.

Probably either a failure to connect to database or a dns prob. Can you view an html page?

TURN OFF Your HTTP error messages in Internet Explorer and see

To turn "Show friendly HTTP error messages" off in Internet Explorer:

   1. Select Internet Options from the Tools Menu.
   2. Click the Advanced tab.
   3. Under "Browsing", if the box by "Show friendly HTTP error messages" is checked, uncheck it.
   4. Click OK.

realdataAuthor Commented:
It Loads Properly, If Called Seperately From An IE Window, But Fails If I Instantiate An IE Object, In A Multi-Threaded Application On The Server Having 8 Processes, So Minimum Threads Spawned Are 8, It Seems To Run Fine On A Dual Core Processer Machine With 2 Or 3 Threads.

I Have Even Tried Using CommandTimeOut And ConnectionTimeout For Database Connecrions And SQL Queries Executing On The Page.
Also The Show Friendly Error Messages Has Always Been Unchecked On That Machine.

FYI: The Machine The Application Is Running As Well As The Server The Code Is Run From The ASP Page Is The Same Machine.

Thanks In Advance
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