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Outlook 2003 and OWA 2000 are out of sync on the same mailbox

setis asked
Last Modified: 2009-07-29
I have a bizarre problem with one user.  He's using Outlook 2003 at the office, and our OWA 2000 server at home.  However his OWA pages show up completely different than his Outlook.  For example, his Outlook Inbox has about 15 messages in it.  His OWA Inbox (same mailbox) shows 20 pages worth of messages, with many that have been deleted or moved in Outlook.  I even tested this with a few messages; if the message is deleted in OWA, Outlook picks up the deletion.  If the message is deleted in Outlook, OWA never notices.  I even made sure to delete it permanently from the deleted items folder and OWA still thinks the message still exists.  I've never seen OWA so out of sync with what's on the Exchange server.
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Check to see if Outlook 2003 has his view set to only show unread messages.  To do this, open an unread message, then restart the application.  If that message disappeared, then you have your answer.



Nope that's not it, all the messages that show up in his Inbox on Outlook are read messages.

What about tools --> options --> advanced --> leave a copy of message on the server.  

(I'm not near Outlook 2003, so you'll have to wing it with respect to the actual location of this setting.  It's somewhere under delivery options.)

This would cause Outlook 2003 to ignore messages that OWA would still see.



He's not using Outlook 2003 in POP mode, which is the only time I've ever seen such an option available, he's running in normal Cached Exchange mode.  I double checked but couldn't find any such option.


Actually my response just now gave me a lightbulb.  I turned off cached mode on Outlook 2003 for him and lo and behold his Outlook inbox suddenly had all the messages that OWA said were in his mailbox.  I guess his local cache somehow got corrupted.

That's the problem with blindly trying to answer questions in a forum; it's much easier to fix when I'm in front of the broken PC:)


I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from on that.
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