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Can PING, TRACERT, connect using RDP (Outside) but cannot open websites.

I have tried for hours to figure out what is going on to no avail. As I said I can ping any domain, run a complete tracert to, and nslookup works but I cannot open any websites. I have:
- Connected 2 other computers to the same network: Works fine
- Reinstalled TCP/IP
- Repaced the NIC
- Ran repair of Windows XP
- Tried Firefox
- Booted in Safe Mode with Networking
-  And much more

I am unable to wipe and reload because my Windows XP Cd does not recognize the Intel 82801 SATA controller (any help here would help too)

Any ideas.


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Download and run "WinSock XP Fix" may be this fixes the problem.
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Home or work computer?  Home or work network?

If both answers are work, maybe there is a proxy or socks server you need to use.
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It is a home computer and home network. The user works from home 100% of the time. We will try the Winsock XP Fix also.


Does your "Much More" include scanning for virus and malware?

Can you Download and run Hijack This
Copy/paste the log here so we can see it.
Yes it includes scanning for virus's etc. Yes I used HijackThis! Everything checked out clean. Everything looks normal.

P.S. WinsockfixXP did not work either.

Booting into Safe Mode With Networking didn't work, huh?  Have you tried a repair/reinstall of XP?

Are you willing to copy us the log of hijackthis?  It may look clean, but perhaps you just overlooked something.
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what kind of antivirus do you use?
You may want to install something like wireshark ( and do a packet capture.  This will show you if the data is leaving your computer.
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Glad it's working or you. And thanks for the update.