Nucleus CMS navigation menu item creation

Nucleus CMS v3.21

I have a client who has a working site using Nucleus, which was developed/ instantiated by a former employee with whom he is no longer.

He wants to add a "category" which would be a top-level navigation menu item.
We can find how to Create a new category, but not how to make that a top-level nav menu.

We cannot find the admin panel function that would add this to the structure.

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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
Generally anytime you create a new category it automatically puts it into the navigation list on the side or at the top of the page but only if it has an item assigned to that category. However, your site could very well be using a hacked or customized page where the categories are hard coded into the page, there really is no way of knowing without looking at the source code of the index.php page.

The category could also not be showing up if there is nothing to be displayed or the category is empty, so you can try creating a new test post or page and assigning it to that category. Categories by default only display if there is an article/post/page assigned to it... it won't display if it is empty.

When a new category is created in Nucleus CMS it is auto-assigned a Category ID, and accessing that ID is as simple as adding "?catid=2&blogid=1" after index.php with the number after catid= being the category ID number.
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