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Different Domains in DNS &  Network Places

Last Modified: 2010-03-05
I am assisting a small school district that had a single DC on their network which lost its Windows Server 2003 R2 OS because of a RAID controller failure.  Dell instructed the technology coordinator to reinstall the OS as a new install.  Now, everywhere except in Network Places the domain is set to roscoeisd.  But in Network places the only domain listed  is rosoeisd0.  There are no clients in roscoeisd0. DNS looks good with Forward & Reverse zones populated but it is set up under roscoeisd not roscoeisd0. The only errors in the Event Viewer are under system and she has numerous netlogon errors when she is re-joining the computers to the domain. Another peculiarity is that I cannot ping any of the computers listed in DNS even though DHCP appears to be set up correctly.  Ran dcdiag & netdiag, everything passed on roscoeisd, same with nslookup.  Since it was the only server in the domain and she started from scratch  I don't know what could have gone wrong.   Thanks for any insight you might have.    Brad  
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Thanks for the reply. This may be confusing. I am drawing a big blank on what to do.  In Network Places it is roscoeisd0, a zero added to the original domain name.  I have been managing MS Networks for a long, long time, but this is a new one for me. The fqdn of the server is roscoeisd.roscoeisd.local ... same for DNS zones.  

I talked to her about the roscoeisd0 and she said when she tried to join a client to the domain it would state that roscoeisd could not be found but if she added a zero it would join it immediately. She got that idea because when she was installing the OS software it stated that the domain roscoeisd.local was not available but "offered" roscoeisd0, and she took it. I cannot get to her clients remotely so all I can access is her server.  She said she formatted the drive before installing the OS.  That should have cleared out the old domain but it looks like it is still around.


The reason the roscoeisd0 is the domain name is because that is what she made it.  The network neighbor hood is probably referring to the Netbios naming.  The real mind bender is why did the DC reject the roscoeisd domain when she set it up?   Did she restore a system state or something?  If this is the only DC on the network and in the domain forest, there should be no conflicts.

I am assuming she loaded the OS and then promoted the DC using the dcpromo command.  If she use command line switches to create the domain, the problem may lie there and the roscoeisd.local domain may alreday be listed as an orphaned domain.  See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230306/en-us to deal with that.  Worst case is you may need to re-run the dcpromo command to demote the server as the last server in the domain and remove all orphaned domains.  Then re-run dcpromo again making this DC the parent DC in the roscoeisd.local domain.

I will keep looking as to why this is happening.  How many workstations and users do you have in AD?

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