Effect of cpu/memory on application


Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 5) with OS RHEL4 (whatever that implies).
CPU: Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor 1212

On this machine some developers are installing a fairly big application.
(Will give details if it helps)

My question is:
If the CPU isn't powerful enough (presently Single AMD Opteron 1212 AM2) - or memory too small (presently 1gb DDR2) ... to what extent will this cause application errors or will the application simply run slowly?

Thank you people
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Really depends on application. In some cases poorly designed mulithreaded applications will work incorrectly if threads don't use sychronization and other special technics to avoid racing. In most cases it will be just slow, which could cause other issues, like I/O time-outs, tework time-outs and other side effects. Let's say if database is slow, a client may fail because it will think that database is dead. I can come up with couple of hundreds examples...
englishmanAuthor Commented:
Thank you for that - just a quick one:

Are there situations where the use of a Xeon CPU would work smoothly where an Opteron would cause application problems?

I can imagen if it was optimized to run on Xeon only and uses some very specific features. If application written on Java, VisualBasic or any other interpretating systems, then there is no way to see any difference. C/C++ compilers in most cases will create compatble code unless CPU family specified.
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