I need to install a very basic exchager setup on windows 2003 server and need a good guide

I am installing a very basic exchanger system on a windows 2003 server.  I am a groupwise person and would like a good step by step.  Do you have any recomendations?
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Hey there!  I am a Novell MHS and Novell Groupwise guy from years back (about 7-10 dependent upon the product)
There are quite a few good guides out there, dependent upon the product.  I am not sure if you want to deploy the latest and greatest (recommended Exchange 2007) or deploy something that will be out of the standard support lifecycle in a few years.
From the way it sounds what you are looking for is a "Cookbook" of sorts to walk you through setting up Exchange.  Something that talks about Exchange, Server Roles, Topology, Interaction with Active Directory, MX records, etc.

I would first suggest going to the Exchange Library and reviewing the product documentation, particularly the architecture and planning guide and then the deployment information.  Skimming over this will take a few days.

After that I highly recommend playing with the TechNet Virtual Labs.  This way you can get to know Exchange server and work with it without actually breaking anything that you have to fix.

These are good starts.  From there I recommend looking at MSExchange.org and Amset.info.
rgbolingAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!.  This is just what I needed.  I am not ready to do the install so I have plenty of time to work through the material you suggested.  
Thanks again!
You are welcome.  The best bang for the buck (your time) is to play around in the virtual labs.  They, after all, are free.
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