DeepFreeze - uninstalled but on reinstall thinks it's installed and active

I had an XP system 'DeepFrozen'.  I uninstalled Deep Freeze and then Ghosted the system to another drive. Everything came up ok when I rebooted the other drive. There was no DeepFreeze icon and I couldn't invoke the DeepFreeze dialogue box  with the CTRL/ALT/Shift/F6.  I then went to install DeepFreeze and was told that I couldn't until I had 'thawed' the system - as if my system was DeepFrozen. It's not as when I make changes and reboot it holds those changes.  Any thoughts on how I can get DeepFreeze to really be gone.
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Were you able to test it? I know it will work for you. The PERSIFRZ.VXD is the only file that needs to be deleted. Once deleted from the command line you can un-install the program.

The file is located in the C:\windows\system32\iosubsys  directory.

Good Luck

This works... I have used this method on over 20 XP/2000 PC that we got in an auction from our local school system.

If that does not work contact me I'll walk you through.
lineonecorpAuthor Commented:
Please assign all points to CMSnetTech. I was hoping to test it out but have not got around to it but it sounds workable.
Actually it's your job to assign the points, it's your Q. So please just accept the answers you feel helped.

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