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Please explain: Site Link Bridges, Site link transitivity.

Last Modified: 2008-05-31
Hello, I have a question about site link bridges. So for example if we have 3 sites, siteA, siteB, siteC.
siteA and siteB have a site link setup.
siteB and siteC have a site link setup.
siteA and siteC DO NOT have a site link setup.
If a server in siteC creates some users for the domain then the domain controllers in siteA will not receive the updates (replication not occurring).
So the solution to this problem is to create a site link bridge for the site link of siteA and siteB and for the site link of siteB and siteC.

So my question is:
1. What i don't get though is that i have heard that site links MUST be created manually. If so then how can siteC and siteA replicate when there is NO site link created.

2. Also, if site links are transitive (again i thought i had to create site links manually) why would i even have to create a site bridge anyway?

I may know the answer to question two and that is in this scenario the bridge all site links is probably disabled. But please elaborate :)

I have also heard that site link bridges are ways to reroute traffic and i can understand that but how can siteC and siteA replicated if there is no actual site link setup with bridgehead servers etc.. Thank you very much for reading and this is my first post on this site, wohoo :).
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Perhaps this will help on Explination side

1) Site links must be created manually... any site that does not have one will use the Default one
2) The reason for site link bridges is control what replicates with what.


You may want to  E and F to replicate to A instead of possibly C so you make a sitelink bridge E-A


I must be dense or something but i still am not 100% clear. You say in #1 that any site that does not have a site link will use the default one so ok in my example, if i created the site bridge the KCC will automatically create a site link between siteC and siteA through siteB ?  

The link you provided does not talk about site link bridges just site links. I think my main question is more about site links bridges.

Your last sentence says that site link bridges control what replicates with what but couldn't a site link be defined the same way?

Thank you!

Sites Links and Site Link Bridges are not phyical they a logical. It doesn't PHYSICALLY go through site B.. it just uses site link bridges and site cost to determine the end site to replicate with if its direct partners are hosed... in the end... it is point to point replication between BridgeHead servers.


Sorry to keep draggin this out but if there is not physicall connection between A and C how would it get there? It would have to go through B.

And just to reiterate, sitebridges do create default site links right? But, would i actually be able to see the site link under the ip folder in sites and services or does just the KCC and dc's know about it?

Thanks again :) > 
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