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how to delete fun.exe

operating system : windowsxp professional service pack 2

I am suffering from a virus named 'fun.exe' this virus is set to execute on all boot.
My antivirus however detected it but I mistakenly accept it.I want to delete the virus as soon as
possible ,what should I do,
virus feature:
1)this virus can not be deleted.
2)this virus is 56.7 kilo byte
3)this virus is executing repetiously

please help me delete that virus !!
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Ashish Patel
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1. first quantinee the exe files through some antivirus
2. delete the dc.exe and fun.exe files by searching the computer
3. delete the entries of these file from registry
4. delete their pf extension files from the computer
5. boot in safe mode
6. restore the computer to a just before virus effected date.
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as I said I mistakenly accepted the virus by Quickhill antivirus. I am not able to delete the virus
because every time I try to delete it ,it deleted but it came back also when I rboot the system
I am running dual operating system ,one is linux and second is windowsXP pro. service pack 2

Fun.exe is not the virus name. There are a lot of viruses using this file name. You have to check the displayed name when your antiviurs catchs it.

If the virus is W32.Imaut.AS, here is how you remove it:

If it is W32.Israz@mm:

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run an Online Scanner

also if your system restore is enabled, disable it before removing the virus.
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Prevx shows 52 different fun.exe entries:

Prevx 2 is a free trial download and will remove fun.exe:

Good luck!!!
Hey I am not able to loacate the way where I can disable system restore!!
I am newbie of XP !!

as fas as I know that virus is visual basic script file.
How to turn off and turn on System Restore in Windows XP
fun.exe is working with dc.exe and it has been bugging me for 12 hours.
I want to kill it please give me a special weapon to kill that son of creep!!
avg anti-virus is peace of shit !! and prevx 2 has detected the virus with his friends but not able to
delete it ,I mean I could not find any section to delete those viruses!!
Come on guys give me the solution ,that virus has been eating my system's flesh and drinking blood
of my system.He is running his killing teeth in every nano second ,LOL
If I delete Quick hill Anti virus and re-install it then It will detect again that virus ..andd that time.. perhaps
I be able to delete that shit from my computer.
Shaheel you helped me man!! that  virus was screwed ,I mean I clean the shit just because of you.
Your solution was perfect!!.It not only traced the specified viruses but also those viruses who
was dropping shit on my system for a  long time and I did not even smell  it !! LOL
but thanks to everyone for comprehensive information !! Thanks for the time you have given me!!
Thanks to All !!
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I am also looking for solution