Can't print to HP LaserJet 3390 but i can use the function to scan!! Help

I am having problem printing to HP LaserJet 3390 multifunction system.

I setup HP LaserJet 3390 multifunction and HP LaserJet 3600 color printer by using the HP installation Software CDs.  I install HP 3390 first, no problem to scan but when sending a print job to the printer, nothing is coming out from the multifunction at all.  The driver loaded was PCL 6.  Job submitted but no repsonse from printer.  It shows spooling and delete in the queue.  Not sure where the print job went  but no long in the queue and not coming out from HP 3390 at all. Scanning is working but not the printing portion of it.  Tried different driver PCL 5e from HP site.  It can print but documents from work and webpages are not printing correctly.  When print documents, only show the footnote and like top and bottom but the rest of the content is missing.  Print the same document on both HP 3390 and 3600, 3600 will print just fine but not the 3390.  I even reinstall the printer driver and use direct TCP/IP print with Printer IP address, still can't print to it.  Need help here!!
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
clean you printer drivers and start from fresh
can you print a self test from the printer?
can you test the printer on another PC?
KentpaiAuthor Commented:
Yes, i can't print a test page.  Seems like a driver issue.
if you cannot print a test page from the printer (not from the PC) - i suppose it needs service
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