Groupwise 7 MTA will not send to GWIA


I have a new GW 7 (upgraded from GW 5.5) install. All working but outward mail. Inward, the GWIA sends fine to the MTA, and internal mail is fine. External mail ALL fails - the MTA does not Try to send to the GWIA, and in Verbose mode of the MTA log I get;

18:33:55 2C7 SCA: POST1: Moving RESEARCH3/POST:\post1\wpcsin\4\46FE9A93.681 to research3/post:\nzcer\mslocal\gwinprog\4\00000830.684
18:33:55 208 RTR: NZCER: 00000830.684: Routing research3/post:\nzcer\mslocal\gwinprog\4\00000830.684 (3 kb)
18:33:55 208 RTR: NZCER: Unable to retrieve TCP/IP address for
18:33:55 208 RTR: NZCER: 00000830.684: Unknown destination:
18:33:55 208 RTR: NZCER: 00000830.684: Originator: NZCER.POST1 [ofs]
18:33:55 208 RTR: NZCER: 00000830.684: Message queued: research3/post:\nzcer\wpcsin\4\46fe9a93.68!

I know this is a config error - the MTA should just send it to the GWIA, BUT I have a couple of further issues that seem to prevent me from solving this. On Starting console one, I get : The Edirectory Schema is not properly modified for use with Groupwise" - then it seems to work OK if you press OK. _ The GW plugins are all there etc. BUT some of the options that should be available in the properties of the MTA object are not present. I have tried deleteing and recreating the  GWIA and the MTA, don a DSrepair, reinstalled the POA and the MTA from the 7.0 CD, then patched to 7.02, but still the same problems.

Any suggestions anyone???

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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, ugrading from v5.5 directly to v7 is problematic, at best. And the Gateways, especially GWIA, are the most likely components to have issues.

Deleting the GWIA and then re-installing it is the correct solution to the issue. You *might* have avoided it if you'd upgraded from v5.5 to v6.x and then to v7....but then again you might not.

Since the GWIA is pretty much interchangeable, a re-install is usually not an issue.
First off, load ping and lets actually define whats wrong with the system.  check your default route is pointing to your gateway.  ping something local (make sure you have basic connectivity - like your gateway), then ping an IP Address (like assuming ping is allowed out through your firewall) if both pings work, the try pinging a newtork address like  if this step fails  then the issue is your DNS.
mattpaulinAuthor Commented:
OK, I have it going. IP was fine. The problem was that it was looking for a default GWIA with another name. The old gwia had an odd name, so when I re-installed it, I changed it. Shouldn't have! Somewhere, there must be a file still settin git, although I have searched the MTA config file and the GWIA config file I can't find it. Anyway, when looking thru the logs for the mta I found it was preferred GWIA oldname so I deleted my current gwia again, and reinstalled using the old name. All good now. I'd still like to know where the file is and what it is that points to the old one though!
Thanks Anyway.

Alot of good info can be found here on your server if you have gwmonitor installed:
mattpaulinAuthor Commented:
Sorry no GW monitor. I managed to extend the schema for groupwise manually from GW tools, utils, check edir schema in console one (when the GW container is hightlighted). So all is now well, and I guess this question can be closed.
Thanks everyone.
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