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how can I find who is hosting a website

A friend of mine had her website prepared by other people, the other people have F&%#$@ off, it was great for a while but now it stopped working. I thought maybe she just didn't pay for domain renewal or something so I used to find her domain registrant. that much is ok... but even though the registrant is a hosting company it appears the site is not hosted there. How can I find the hosting company?
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Can you provide your domain name for which you are looking.
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I don't see why not...
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how did you find that information?
It is a matter of searching backwards.

Do a "whois" on the domain - in your case "" - that tells you who the registrar of note is and what the nameservers are for that domain - using that information you can trace back to the original hosting company. It is mostly a matter of knowing what to look for.

In your case I think you will need to find a new hosting company (actually GoDaddy offers very reasonable hosting packages and it will be easy for you - or your friend - to set it all up with them) provided you have a copy of the website as it was. If you do not have a copy you can get most of the site from the Google cache:

Home Page

Thai Course A

Thai Course B

Sushi Course

Chinese & Japanese Course

Unfortunately all of the style sheets and images are not available - but again there are ways these could be found in various caches around the net.

If you need more help just post back here
ya... I've told the owner of the site to contact the hosting company, Advance Web Service, but since she was not the original contact I doubt they'll be much help... I've saved the content from Google cache locally where can I find additional content?
There is a site that stores web pages as it crawls/spiders - called the WayBack Machine - also known as the Internet Arcive:

However I couldn't find anything there for your domain on a quick look - you might have better luck.

Additionally - depending on when the site when down and the size of your own browser cache - you might have some of the visuals, css and javascript files on your PC in the Internet History files.

Other than that you are pretty much out of luck.