access percentage field

I have created a percentage field in access.mdb
I have used
Decimal places 2
I have a default value of 5 where I expected to see 5% or perhaps .05 but in fact it shows 500%
Can anyone say what I am doing wrong please?
Thanks John
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frankyteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you'll need to use default value of 0.05 to get 5%
Jinesh KamdarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess since you have declared it as Percent, you should be entering .05 instead of 5 as the default value.
it looks as though the percent format means you'll have to enter the value as a decimal "fraction" value out of 1, as Acces will then internally multiple by 100 to get the result as a percentage value.
so a value of 1 = 1* 100 = 100%,
0.05 = 0.05 * 100 = 5% etc
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johnhardyAuthor Commented:
I agree but if someone enters 5% in a field on a form they will expect the percentage to be 5% not 500% some very large commissions could be payable.
Perhaps its better  just to keep the field as a number. Any thought please?
Jinesh KamdarCommented:
Yes, there is a work-around. When u enter a value in that field, suffix it with a % symbol i.e. enter it as 5% and not just 5.
i would create it as simple numeric field with a % label on your form. but then you would need to divide that field by 100 when you do your calculations etc
or the other option is to retain the % field and get your user to enter the value as a number in an unbound textbox in your form and after applying whatever validation, divide it by 100 and set the result to the real (percent) field.
Jinesh KamdarCommented:
Sorry, i submitted the previous post without completing it - Entering the value as xx% for that field (which is defined as Percent) implies that the entered value is itself a % and so Access does not multiply it by 100 internally.
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help I am doing this via an asp form submission so I will keep it simple and revert to a numeric field.
KISS priciple very good!
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