Ink poured into the printer!!


We have a Canon InkJet PIXMA iP4000 printer. As the ink cartridge is expensive, we buy the colours & fill the cartridge up. It worked all the time fine until the last time, where a lot of magenta ink is inside the printer after the procedure. The photo prints have all a strong magenta touch & are useless.

My question is how one can clean the printer from this spill of colour without damaging the hardware?
Ahmet Ekrem SABANSenior IT consultantAsked:
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As the ink is water soluble and you only need to clear the paper path the best move is to run through some absorbant paper to mop up the worst of the spill.

Then use some more paper to clean, this can either be lightly misted with a water spray before it goes through or you can use an alcohol (or even WD40) spray.
The trick is to run the paper through while it is still slightly damp.

You can buy commercial products that also do this

You'll probably need a new cartridge as it sounds like the seal has failed on this one.
pjasnosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I totally agree with the advice above, but I woudn't have used WD40, as when it dries it leaves a thin film of lubricant on the surface. It is good for mechanical parts, but not for electronics.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to add toMASQUERAID suggetion the alcohole i would use isopropyl alcohol
I have used this for many years to clean such spills and in the past tape heads vcr heads etc. good for bites too lol.
go to a pharmacy. They do sell it here in swabs as well as 500 mill bottles  you may have to sign for it that you won't be drinkiing it or sniffing. :D
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Ahmet Ekrem SABANSenior IT consultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the responses! We will try and see whether/how they work.
Righto look forward to your results  :)
i have cleaned many HP printers.
here my procedure :
i dismantle the printer, and put every part in a bucket of water
then dry them - with towels , or paper as you see fit.
if you submerged electronic parts, allow them to dry for a couple of days, or use a hair dryer
Ahmet Ekrem SABANSenior IT consultantAuthor Commented:
Thank your for your support!

Actually, there was also some additional problem we noticed later. The yellow cartridge did not give of any colour. But the spill could be removed with your support!

Thanks again. :-)
cheers  :)
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