Flash Embed Swf problem

I'm trying to insert a number of small swf files into one main swf file or fla initially :)

I've managed to get the files in however now the individual swf files don't seem to work

I'm not sure what you need me to attach, there's no code in the main fla file... and the swf's are individual music players that begin music after the play button is pressed.

However when embedded the play buttons don't work :(

I've been through lots of tutorials, and still can't get this working... Any ideas?
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what you've done there is copy one of your phone things in and then copied the next one over the top. it has exactly the same name so each one you see on screen is actually an instance of the same one (which plays the mp3 file, "tc.mp3")

in reality you have 5 different audio things so you need to copy each in but give each one a different name in the library, not just audio. (but maybe audio1..2..3... would be just fine)

you'll notice that if you "single-click" with your left mouse button on one of the audio movieclips on screen that it'll say, Instance of: audio.  Try clicking another, and it'll say the same thing.

Once you're done, each one will say a different thing - one for each  audio clip. Once you've got all your clips loaded in you'll be able to use that "swap" button to exchange your "audio" movieclip for an "audio1" movieclip (or whatever you've called it). Hope that makes sense!
eerrrm - well have the tutorials you've done worked?

what have you tried that hasn't worked? slightly easier to explain things if you've got a sample of code that doesn't work then we can probably see what's wrong.
Kegan5Author Commented:
Sorry no, no tutorials i've tried are working for me

Is it possible to attach what i'm doing? The action script is all over the place on one of the files(downloaded as a template)
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there's no way to attach files to experts exchange but you can upload them to your website, or if you don't have one you can get a free one from http://geocities.yahoo.com/ which will likely do the job. put the files in a zip though.
Kegan5Author Commented:

The main FLA file is where I tried to embed the individual SWF files, the individual folder contains one example of the SWF file I'm trying to embed.

Hope that makes sense?

the basis of it is... the swf's don't work when I embed them

thanks for your help

ahhh no they won't work if you import them like that.

if you're just wanting to have them in the same fla, i would copy the movieclip that you want from the individual flas and paste it into the main fla - then you'll get the functionality without having to play about with actionscript so much.

eg copy the "audio" movieclip from birdie.fla and paste into the main.fla. (and you'll need to move the sound file up a directory)

it's sort of similar to this question if this helps explain things:

You can also attach it to an existing movie clip on stage - for example: give your left hand phone an <Instance Name> of myPhone_mc

loadMovie("birdie.swf", myPhone_mc);

actually you'll need to also move your mp3 file up a level, but it'll work this way at least.

Kegan5Author Commented:

I think I'm being a dunce here... I copied over the files... they worked but kept playing the same song, i assumed because i had code in the main FLA pointing to that sound file.

So I deleted that line of code, now nothing plays?

Each individual Mc has actionscript


I've added a link to what I currently have



Kegan5Author Commented:
Thankyou Very Very much for your thorough explanations, I have it working now.

K :)
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