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Restore files deleted by check disk instead of restoring from tape

Last Modified: 2013-11-14
Windows 2000 server ERP database was deleted upon bootup and chkdsk process. Would like a way to recover those deleted files instead of doing a restore. This is high priority and time sensitive. Server hung on chkdsk process after deleting files. Had to power down and up to get the server running again. Are there files backed up by chkdsk that can be restored? This is an ERP and 600 orders were processed since the last backup. This would be a huge plus if we could restore the original files. It's a Dell 2650 with Raid 5.
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if chkdsk deleted it...that means the file was corrupt...
so, you will need to restore from backup

You may be able to undo chkdsk damage (recover files) with ERD Commander if you have a copy. Since chkdsk found a problem, recovered files may or may not be usable.

Chkdsk would have moved the file if it was still valid - not deleted it.  When chkdsk finds a corrupt file or bad block, if it can recover the data those bits are moved to a new block on the hard drive and the bad block is flagged so that it's never used again.  Unfortunately if the file was removed by chkdsk that means that it was not recoverable.  Since chkdsk couldn't restore the file, your best option would be to restore it from a backup where you know the data is valid.

Chkdsk does creat some files, usually labeled in some sort of sequence with the extension .chk and put in a Lost+Found folder, however these files usually only contain chunks of data and will not contain a usable copy of the entire file.  Long story short - go to backups since you know (or should know) which version of the file on your backup media is in good working order.
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