Can I create a pop-up warning when using "All users" distribution list?

We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 for a large multi-national technical consulting company. There are times when a consultant genuinely needs to pose a question to all users in search of an answer to a technical question. However, there are those ocassional emails that slip in that shouldn't have gone to all users. Is there a way in Active Directory (all Windows 2003 DC's) using a script to create a pop-up when a user chooses the "All Users" DL with a message like, "Are you sure you want to send to "All Users"? I sure don't want to think about adding anything to the Outlook client (Office 2003 deployed in Enterprise). Many thanks in advance,
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Popping up a warning box isn't natively possible, you'd need a third party add-in which would have to be installed client side.

However, as an alternative, you could hide your All Users group from Exchange address lists (Open its properties, Exchange Advanced tab and tick the box "Hide from Exchange Address Lists"). This means users can't accidentally click it, and would need to enter in the full email address as shown on the Email Addresses tab of the group properties. (i.e. This is obviously a little more tedious than searching the GAL, but having to manually enter it would probably cut down on the messages accidentally sent out to everyone.

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:( That was my gut sense of things as well, just thought I would check in with the team here to see if I had missed something along the way. Thank you.
Sorry I couldn't help further!

Thanks for the points...
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