Preparation for when Windows 2000 support will be dropped

Windows 2000 will eventually be dropped as for as a supported product by Microsoft.  At that time I am sure the Automatic Updates feature may be cut off.  Also it is unlikely any further service packs will be released by MS for W2K from today to the day the product is no longer supported. Regardless, is there a way to manually download as EXE files each of the hotfix/patches without using Automatic Updates?  In other words, if I wanted to burn a CD today of all the hotfixes/patches that were released AFTER service pack 4, can I do this?  And if so, how?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Things to consider:
-win2k will receive security updates until at least 2010 through automatic updates.
No more stabilty and functionality updates or servicepacks however.
-after sp4 there is the security rollup package for win2k.
-there is a possibilty to slipstream single patches into a setup cd: called nlite
-you can create update packages with the help of qchain.exe from Microsoft.
-you may find update packages for xp, but for 2k there aren't many. Maybe look at I think they dropped win2k in february because MS told them to stop distributing unofficial servicepacks/updatepacks.
willcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keep an eye on what happens with Autopatcher. They are working on a way to appease M$.

The August 2007 releases are available here:

I have used Autopatcher extensively and highly recommend it.
Monroe406Author Commented:
>> there is a possibilty to slipstream single patches into a setup cd: called nlite

Can you elaborate on this?
nlite is a small ,very handy application to slipstream servicepacks, patches or drivers (and many more) into your setup cd.
It is easy, just try it out.
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