Memory upgraded laptop recognizes only 1 chip

I recently purchased RAM chips for my daughter's Sony VAIO PCG-K13.  The laptop came with (2) 256 chips and I needed to upgrade to 1 gig in order to install Adobe's new Creative Suite.  I purchased (2) 512 chips that are supposed to be compatible.  The laptop will only recognize 1 chip at a time, so I still only have 512 RAM and am unable to install the new software.

I've checked both chips in both slots.  The chips seem to be working.  The slots seem to be working.  After about 4 hours with tech support from Sony, the chip maker, and the vendor where I got my chips, I'm still no where. I updated the BIOS this morning, but it still only recognizes 512 RAM.  Have any suggestions?
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The original chips are PC2100 (CL2) DDR SO-DIMMS.

The Corsair chips are PC2700 (CL2.5) DDR SO-DIMMS.

CL is the Column Access Strobe (CAS) Latency, or CL value. This is the number of memory cycles that elapse between the time a column is requested from an active page and the time that the data is ready to begin bursting across the bus. This is the most common occurrence, and so, CAS Latency generally has the largest impact on overall memory performance for applications that depend on memory latency.

The PC2700 runs at 333Mhz and is backwards compatible with the PC2100 which runs at 266Mhz.

I'm surprised TigerDirect wasn't able to take care of this. The RAM should run, but it doesn't. It may be that one or both chips are problematic. Did either they or Sony recommend that you run any diagnostics on the memory?

If not, download and run Memtest. You'll want the Pre-Compiled Memtest86 v3.3 installable from Windows and DOS. It can be found here:

Then, cut out the middle-man, and go directly to Corsair, the RAM manufacturer, to see if they are willing to help. Their contact information can be found here:

If no joy, contact a different vendor for the RAM:

A quick search turned up this one. I'm sure there are others

What is the make and model of the memory you purchased, assuming that the vendor is not the same as the manufacturer? Does the RAM have Gold edge connectors? Are they PC2100 (CL2) DDR SO-DIMMS? You can download System Information for Windows from, run it, and then in the Hardware section, under Memory, check the right-hand screen for Manufacturer, Part Number, Capacity, Memory Type, and Speed. List those here so we can take a look.
laurieapplegateAuthor Commented:
I ran the file you suggested.  It is showing the information for the old chips (256 each, PC2100S-2033-0-A1, Infineon). The new chips are Corsair 512MB PC2700 SODIMM 333MHz.  TigerDirect item number C13-2912. Yes, they have gold edge connectors.
i would suggest using the same model chips :
The original chips are PC2100 (CL2) DDR SO-DIMMS
laurieapplegateAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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