Server Does Note Exist error on SQL2000 OLEDB DTS Connection

I have SQL 2000 server personal edition installed on a Windows XP computer.  This is a development computer, so it has a lot of other software installed (VS 6.0, VS.Net, etc).  I am trying to edit an existsing DTS job which has an OLEDB connection to the server based on the server's name (same as the computer name).  The computer is on a LAN behind a simple Netgear firewall w/DHCP.  

When I attempt to open any of my existing DTS jobs through Ent Manager, all using the OLEDB connection object, I get the SQL Server Does not exist or access denied. error.  I am logged into the computer as the administrator. I tried creating a new DTS job and it opens fine, but when I try to create a connection object, it will only work if I use (local), not if I use the server name.  Interestingly, if I save that new package and try to re-open it in design view, I get the SQL Server Does not exist or access denied. error and can't get back into it.

There are no related entries in the SQL or event logs.  I AM able to work with the server fine through Query Analyzer or my VB app/ODBC connections.  This appears to be the only place I have the problem, but it is also the only place that I am relying on MS OLEDB and the server drop downs.

I have tried clearing my arp cache, renewing the IP address, adding a hosts entry assigning my computer's name to, reinstalling SQL server, reinstalling the tools, I checked my client network utility - TCP/IP is the only protocol enabled, same as it has always been.  As far as I know, nothing has changed but this previously worked.  I have installed/uninstalled some software as I have been working on other projects, but can't isolate what might be the problem.  This is getting critical.

I did read something from another user that their similar problem started when their ISP changed their outside IP address - who knows why it would cause a problem.  I'm sure my IP has changed, but they didn't have a solution and I don't know what to try.  Problem exists whether I am connected to my network or not.  I use Norton Int Sec, but have tried disabling the firewall, no diff.  Windows firewall is off.  HELP, PLEASE!
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YveauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The question here is: Can you enter the current DTS to see what the setting is, and are you able to change it ? Or should something else be fixed so the old situation is restored and the package will work.
The first option seems the best ans easiest to me, but you mentioned the DTS doesn't open ...

did you also check you server network utility (svrnetcn.exe) for TCP/IP ?
what does the SQL Server log tell you ?

Hope this helps ...
JulianvaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you must also enable named pipes. Try using the ip address. If it works with the ip address then, it means  the server name cannot be resolved. This could be some changes made on the network or domain controller. Try to remove the server from the domain then add it again.

ehaleyAuthor Commented:

I never was able to get DTS to work - ended up having to do a backup on one server and restore on the other, then deal with the logins manually.  Thanks for the help guys.  I'll split the points as a thanks for the suggestions.
ehaleyAuthor Commented:
Good suggestions - useful to solve other problems I've had, just not this one.
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