Domain in Registry doesn't match FQDN

Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard.  Having trouble with domain.  This is a single server on a network with 200+ machines. Server lost its RAID controller, upon replacement OS was corrupt, Dell instructed a clean install was imperative. New OS install was completed, domain was rebuilt, but something is not right. DNS populated, AD populated, but no clients in Network Places. I was called for assistance.  Here is what I have found In the registry that is baffling me and I believe causing the problems.

 HLM-Software-MS-MSMQ-Setup has the following:
   MachineDomain      Reg_sz      ROSCOEISD0 (roscoeisd with a zero on the end)
   MachineDomainFQDN  Reg_sz   RoscoeISD.local

   AltDefaultDomainName    Reg_sz     ROSCOEISD0
   CachePrimaryDomain      Reg_sz     ROSCOEISD0
   DefaultDomainName        Reg_sz     ROSCOEISD0

    ROSCOEISD0     Reg_sz       RoscoeISD.local

The FQDN of the server is RoscoeISD.roscoeisd.local.  AD, DHCP, & DNS domain is roscoeisd.local. And it all tests out with roscoeisd.local. However, when the tech joins computers to the domain she said it will only join the domain ROSCOEISD0, roscoe.local is "not available".  I have tried adding ROSCOEISD0 to DNS but it defaults back to what it already has, roscoeisd.local.

I asked a similar question last night and thought I had it fixed, but I didn't.  If I can get this taken care of we are going to place two more servers on the network as backup DC's.  The tech there has worked many long hours rebuilding the network because of it being a single server system, and it still isn't right.

Thanks for any insights!
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any AD domain always has a DNS name and a NetBIOS name; the former is something like my.domain.local, the latter is something like MYDOMAIN and is needed for backward compatibility with NT4 machines. These are two names designating the same domain. The NetBIOS domain name will never show up in DNS, it has nothing to do with DNS. This name will be resolved (to a DC) either by a WINS server or by broadcast.
Again: you can ignore the registry entries above showing ROSCOEISD0, they're meant to use the NetBIOS domain name.

If you can't see clients in Network Neighborhood, you've disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP; the NN still requires NetBIOS. If you want to use it, you'd better install a WINS server on your DC as well, to reduce the broadcast traffic involved otherwise.

If you can't ping clients, it's likely that the Windows Firewall is running on the clients.
Ignore the above entries. ROSCOEISD0 is your NetBIOS domain name, it's legit.
This is more likely a DNS problem. Make sure that the *only* DNS server in the TCP/IP settings on *all* domain members--including the DC!-- is the DC. External DNS servers may *only* appear in the Forwarders section in your DNS server configuration.
Once you've checked this, open a command prompt and enter "ipconfig /registerdns", then stop and re-start the netlogon service. Check if the SRV records have been created (see link below).
For further troubleshooting, you can use dcdiag.exe and netdiag.exe (both support a /fix parameter to fix small problems on the fly) to check your system for errors in the domain setup.

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bmcvay33Author Commented:
I completed all recommendations, DNS looks perfect with domain roscoeISD.local, ran dcdiag and netdiag, everything passed except netbt, so all is well there.  In loading a new zone in DNS the only domain available is roscoeISD.local.  In AD Domains & Trusts, the only domain available is rosoeISD.local. Still cannot ping clients who have been joined to ROSCOEISD0.

 If the default domain is ROSCOEISD0, should it not be available?  The only place I can find ROSOEISD0 is in the registry, joining clients to a domain, and in Dell Open Manage software where it shows the current user session to be logged into ROSCOEISD0\administrator.

My confusion lies in the fact that clients can only be joined to  ROSCOEISD0 while everything on her server is roscoeISD.local and tests to be operational as such. But in the registry of the same server it appears that ROSCOEISD0 is the default domain.  
bmcvay33Author Commented:
Additional cooment:  When run nslookup on ROSCOEISD0 it returns as a non-existent domain.
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