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Does anybody know how I can assign a Default Desktop Wallpaper to the users across the network, but also allow them to change it?

I know that you can do it through gpo and active desktop, but it stops the user from being able to change it.

for example, when you create new users in windows xp, they start off with the default wallpaper, BLISS.jpg - green hills and blue sky. Is there a way of changing that to My Company one, maybe registry change?

Any help would be great.
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DenisCooperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
create your default user profile and put it in the netlogon share - all new users logging into their computer for the first time can then have the background you use in the default user profile - make sure it is called Default User.

Full details can be found at:

Hope this is of some help.

You can create a script when users first log on to  change their wallpaper. It's the same concept of the drive mappings but using the script from Phatzer.
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If each user is logging into a windows server, they have a login directory and a login script personalized for each user.  Put in that server directory the wallpaper you want each user to see, and in the script assign windows wallpaper = your_company.BMP.   That will do exactly what you want, and they can change it.
andrewjones1987Author Commented:
what code do i need to put into the logon script?
Or you could just copy your preferred default background over the top of bliss.jpg and rename it to the same thing...
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