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How can I best use two internet providers on the same network.

I have two internet providers. The first ISP is connected to a router that we do not manage.  It is managed by our primary software provider we use it for email retrieval and to connect to a system provided by them all computers using their system need authenticated IP's.  We have a second ISP that we use for general internet usage and by employees who do not need to access the system that ISP 1  provides.  The second ISP is connected to a Sonicwall router that we use to manage and monitor internet usage.  My question is how can I utilize the features on the Sonicwall with the users connected to the router provided by ISP 1?  One idea I had is to assign the Sonicwall and authenticated IP address for ISP1 have all users use the Sonicwall as their gateway and have a static route to ISP1.  Question that I have is do I need to have different subnets?
1 Solution
You can get another router that support dual WAN. you can configure it for Load balance or Fail Over.

There are Pro and cons to both configuration.

Load Balance:
Both ISPs are used at the same time; Bandwidth is increased just to name a few

Some secure website doesn't allow you to login because both WAN IPs are sent to there server.
If one ISP fails you loose internet access

Fail Over:
When one ISP goes down the other automatically kicks in. The down time is as low as 40 secs.

Bandwidth is restricted to only one ISP
rrinconesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I failed to mention that we have to use the router provided by ISP 1.  
And we are not allowed to manage it.

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