Outlook 2000 repeats updates on terminal server

I just installed re-installed office 2000 on a windows 2000 Terminal server. Before i had a problem where i kept getting messages periodicly that i need to install office the correct way for Terminal Server. So i uninstalled and re-installed But now Those periodic updates are running, which is good but they dont do anything. once it finnishes it runs again. Another thing is the first time you use outlook it give you a user agrement that you have to select accept. i have to do that every single time. To be more specific, if i log in as a user i open outlook i get the licence agreement message. If Then i open an email and it tried to install something. It looks like its done. If i close outlook and open it again. It wont do it again. But if i log out of the terminal server and log back in as the same user. it Starts all over again
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did you try by creating terminal service profile if not do this:
 if you are using local user account to login to the terminal server go to local users and group on computer management. if it domain user account go to active directory users and computers
double click the user object On the Terminal Services Profile tab, under Profile Path:, type the new path to the user's profile, and then click OK.
this should do the work
you can find additional information on following link:
sletsonAuthor Commented:
I did do this. It was already in place. But thanks for the advice. I did find out how to fix it. Aperently their is a specific registry file that does not load. I found a weird fix where i had to manually load the registry file in every user. And that seems to work. Thanks for your input.
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