Thumbnails with changing pictures

I am using MS Frontpage 2003 to develop my website. I would like to know if I could place a thumbnails with its picture display changing at all times. I have seen thumbnails behaving in this manner on few websites.
Please post your answer directly to this question (no link if you don't mind as they will not count).
Thank you in advance.
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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
there are a number of free software packages like gimp or gimpshop that will let you create .gif images. commercial software like photoshop or fireworks or pretty much anything else will allow you do to the same. There are also applications that are more specifically designed for creating gif animations,GGLJ:2006-18,GGLJ:en&q=create+gif+image just do a quick goole search on it and find something you like and within your price range.

Essentially you want a set of stills (JPG's or whatever) of your different products then set them together with delays between them. brundo makes a pretty good suggestion you may want to consider varying the delay times between the different images so it doesn't look so robotic.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
what do you mean by "it's picture display changing"? are you trying to change the image that's displayed? or the location of the thumbnail?

the easiest way to do the former is to create something like a .gif image or flash animation that animates the thumbnail
khaledcAuthor Commented:
Yes, "its picture display changing" type of thumbnails (the reason is to tell the user that there are more than one product when clicking the thumbnails. I guess that means that I need how to create a .gif with changing pictures! Any idea?
I think, animated GIFs would be a good idea.

But, try to set various durations of pictures (frames) in the various thumbnails. If they were all equal, it would look like marching - all pictures would change in the same time!

If you want, you can send us addresses of pages where you have seen rows of thumbnails you like. Then we will understand your needs and wishes better :-))
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