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how to rebuild software Raid 1 and resize disk size C?

Last Modified: 2016-10-27
System is running SBS server 2003 with exchange and SQL. 2 hard drives in Raid 1 (software Raid) Dell storage manager software. I run to following problems;
1.Hard disk partition in C and D; C is almost full I need to resize, since this is a software Raid and I can not use it Acronis Disk director is there any anther tool that could resize hard drive in software Raid?
2.Hard disk need to be replace how to rebuild software array safest way possible.
3.Best way to back up system (complete set up of SBS server 2003 with software) to quickly restore in case of danger?
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1: As leew said: Move data away from C:. Do not use third party tools, it rarely works.
2: Just replace the drive and activate th Raid again.
3. Use SBS backup for a full and easy BU. To restore just install server 2003 from disk1 and do a restore. Works a treat.
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Yes, it has 12 GB, I did move already sharepoint, and I am planing to move exchnage.
What about replacing hard drive and rebuilding software Raid 1?
A how to here: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=307880.
Be carefull with software Raid. At least you can remove a drive and still have a working system with one drive only.
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You can't extend/increase the size of C: without third party software or a reinstall.  I do not advise this.  Why do you think 12 GB is too little?  Most of my clients run SBS servers and of them, most have C: drives of 12 GB.  Further they all have at least 3 GB (some as much as 6 GB) free because I have them setup properly.  I've given you instructions for resolving your issue.  If you insist on resizing, you are taking a chance AND spending money unnecessarily as you will need a server compatible resizing software which is typically going to cost you $300.  And then you have to hope it supports Dynamic Disks. Since it's a RAID 1, just pick a point in time and break the RAID.  Then you'll have two identical drives with your data.  resize ONE of them and then rebuild the RAID.  


I think you are right leew, I was call to a place, and this is the set up I found, broken software Raid 1, 200 MB on C drive. Now,  where should I start, fixing  software Raid 1 or moving data from C to D?
Move Data first.
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