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Antivirus boot disc / bootable usb

I'm looking for some kind of antivirus solution where I can scan a computer's hard drives for viruses (and spyware, but maybe that's asking for too much), without having to actually install antivirus software on the machine.

I'm thinking a boot disk with antivirus software on it... maybe a small bootable linux with a linux based AV program on it... it'd be preferable if I didn't even need windows running to do it.

Surely norton or mcafee or avg or something has already implemented this? I can't seem to find a thing on it.

Now I know antivirus definitions are changing on almost a daily basis... I thought maybe instead of a bootable CD or disk, a bootable USB drive might be the way to go, or maybe does something exist where you can specify the location of the antivirus definitions elsewhere other than the boot disc?

Does anyone know anything out there that does this? Free or pay is no big deal, I'm sure I'll need to pay some money for some quality software! ;)
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Hello Frosty555,

The freely available Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows has what you need, a whole range of problems like virus scanners and many others available from a bootable Windows PE environment.


Alan HendersonCommented:
archang3l beat me to it. :o)
Just remember that the UBCD is only as up to date as the last edition.
BartPe is also very popular
Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD
Here are a few things that are possible with PE and are not possible with any type of dos-based boot disk, even when using network support and ntfsdos:
Accessing very large (>2TB) NTFS volumes or accessing volumes that are not seen by the BIOS, like some fibre channel disks.
Very reliable scanning and cleaning of viruses on NTFS volumes using a "clean boot".
Active Directory support.
Have remote control over other machines, using vnc or remote desktop.
Frosty555Author Commented:
I already have the ultimate boot cd, but I didn't realize there was a beta version using a windows preinstalled environment. This is very helpful, I especially like the ability to edit the registry without having windows booted. That'll save my butt one day I'm sure.

all antivirus programms has no real effect on this.they are  null and dull

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