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Can't Recover Data from RAID1 Disks

I was using two western digital raptor drives in a Raid1 configuration on my old computer as the primary drive where the operating system was installed.  I just removed those drives and they are part of my new system as backup drives.  I need to get some information off of them, though, that I forgot to remove before dismantling the old computer.  My problem is that Windows now sees these two drives, but only as unpartitioned, unnamed drives, and I am concerned that doing anything to name these drives or make them part of a new system might destroy the data I have on them.  

Incidentally, I also plugged these drives into an external enclosure for SATA drives, and received an error on one of the drives when I tried to access it saying that it was corrupted.  The other drive did not show up at all on the list of available drives.

How do I get the data off of these former RAID1 drives?
2 Solutions
Hello 3stolze,

The drives are configured in RAID which is only compatible with the raid chipset in your old computer.
It looks like you have a computer with an on-board chipset, these use proprietary formats on the harddisks, otherwise you would have seen 2 disks with identical contents (since you ran RAID 1).

The only way to get data off your disks is place them back in your old computer.


Try GetDataBack:


The free trial version will at least show you what can be recovered.
Really sure they are raid 1? Sounding a lot like raid 0. If getdataback can't see data, you will need to set up the old pc as it was.

Chris B
If simply installing them back into the original system in their RAID configuration isn't possible (or for some reason doesn't work), you can recover the data with RAID Reconstructor [http://www.runtime.org/raid.htm ]

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