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PayPal Integration - any hint?

Posted on 2007-09-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Respected Seniors..

I am not enough expert in PHP to perform some advance tasks (atleast for me they are advance). I have a project in which i have to accomplish couple of tasks. The targets are following:

1- Member should be able to pay through paypal, automate response generates on successfull payment. (this task is achieved through IPN and its done atleast in Paypal SandBox).
2- Second (and in it i have my question infact), the admin should be able to change his/her paypal account any time through the admin panel on site and this change should get adjusted behind with paypal (like in most membership scripts e.g. amember).

I have searched the web and came out with some tools like Paypal API under which there are two things, the License and Signature. I could still get no clue atall that with these things how i can achieve the task #2 ??? API examples on web only help me to do some actions like looking specific transaction etc...but i could not find or built any solution yet which may will able me to joint the admin panel with paypal in the way so the admin could change his paypal account information through his/her site's page (admin panel).

Any tutorial, howto article or forum post will done this surely but still couldnt have ny...

Any guidance is highly appreciated as i need to finish this project at any cost plzzzzzzzzzz
Question by:vickatlinux
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Accepted Solution

MasonWolf earned 1500 total points
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Wow, that's rough.

IPN in paypal depends on having the paypal account settings right. You're not going to be able to let the admin simply change their account anytime they please just by changing a single value in a web-based form. Basically, someone needs to go into that paypal account and turn on IPN with the correct URL of your processing script. I think the closest you can come is to write a script that changes the recipient email address and then provides very clear step-by-step instructions telling the admin how to set IPN in paypal.

There is no way you can do it all with just one change on your own server. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Author Comment

ID: 19988727
Thanx MasonWolf
The reason cz of which m posting it here with 500 points is same that i know it requires some piece of special code n function which are unknown for me n will take long time to search. All i want is hint or url or some resourse on web which may could guide me a bit. Of course m not looking for such rubbish magic that all ll be done with help of a web form. I tuk my start with reference of API etc and it was my question too that which ll help me in it for achieving this task, whether License or Signatures but u didnt touched it atall in your reply...
Looking for some assistance for that code development which m already in search of without any 'rough dream'...
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Expert Comment

ID: 19989466
Well, I take back what I said about IPN needing to be set up through the profile. That's one way, but this post got me curious, and I did a little research on the issue. Apparently there's a simpler way. In your paypal purchase button html, simply include a variable like so:
<input type="hidden" name="notify_url" value="http://yourdomain/your_ipn_page.php" />

Since a paypal subscription button is nothing more than an html form with all the variables necessary for paypal to charge people a recurring payment, I think all you need to do to accomplish task #2 is to have your payee email address change to whatever value is in your admin settings.

I just wish I had looked it up before - I was just so sure! Sheesh - makes me feel like an idiot. Anyway, I hope this solves your issue.

Author Comment

ID: 19996347
o my dear MasonWolf
I wish to repeat the line from my question:
1- Member should be able to pay through paypal, automate response generates on successfull payment. (this task is achieved through IPN and its done atleast in Paypal SandBox).
You read? "..this task is achieved through IPN"...this means the IPN issue is resolved n task has been achieved (today i also tested it successfully outside the Paypal SandBox, means on live paypal site) which means i ve enabled the IPN from profile and a script saved in paypal_ipn.php at my url is working well n responding accordingly wheneven a transaction is getting completed. The ISSUE isnt that mannnnn...try to understand please. The task is to do some scripting which may could help me in achieving the task #2. And its not impossible as i have seen in many commercial scripts, they have the paypal integration in those script so the admin do setup things from that script. It only changes the receipient email address i guess but the centeral script somewhere remains same to establish the 'IPN like' link btw paypal and the site server. Well i know it seems stupid. My guess was (and is) that they do use API facility of paypal, one step ahead of IPN. well if i know how then i wasnt suppose to post the question here..........thx for your research for my solution nyway!!

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