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Hi, Im working on a site:

And I added in some mp3 sound effects to some of the movieclips. On the site, in the "advocacy room" I have two sounds, a steam sound, that plays when the dragon snorts, and a growl, that plays, every 15 seconds or so. The problem is the sound effects go off, at the beginning of other scenes. I have made sure that I didn't accidentally drop the audio in one of the timelines, but it keeps doing it. Can you tell me how to fix this?

A little more info as to how I have the site broken up:
Every "door/text link" has an on(release) to cue the next scene to play. From the main page, the doors link to an animation (in a separate scene) of the key unlocking, to another scene, of the doors opening, and finally linking to the final scene, of the room.
The audio files are mp3s, and play the effect once, i have both of these on the Dragon, movie clip

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najhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i feel pretty sure that the mp3 files attached must be attached in a different place to what you expect - something is triggering them to play and so there must be some connection there somewhere. looking at the swfs you've made it's quite difficult to say exactly what you've done or how they've been attached - i'd need to look at the fla files to work that out, but something's definitely amiss. I think it's going to be a case of continued searching for you to work out what's triggering these files or alternatively uploading your fla files so that we can have a look for you.

Cute and quirky site by the way - good fun.
Forced accept.

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