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Easy dynamic PDF creation from database and/or user input???

I have a couple of websites where I need to create PDF's on-the-fly from either a MySQL database, direct user input or a combination of both.  I see this being done all over the place, and I was wondering if there is anything that makes this easier for a non-scripter like myself?  I use Dreamweaver CS3 and usually use a Unix server platform, although I have access to Windows servers as well.

I need to produced a downloadable coupon for a show with the location information coming either from a list or DB combined with the person's name (input on the site).

I also need to produce a downloadable list of association members based on a database and/or db query.

It would be great if there was an easy plugin or visual tool to make this happen... again I am not a script guru, but if I have to learn step by step I will.
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PHP has the ability to create PDF files on-the-fly from a MySQL database, however having had a quick look online, I can't see much in the way of pre-made applications that will do this for you, but there does seem to be a fair few tutorials on PHP with PDF's, but this is really down to how comfortable you are in the way of coding.

This has an almost never-ending list of ways you can do it, but agian, its all coding im afraid. I will report back if I find a pre-made application.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
There are two general ways to do this.  You can design a web page that pulls in the dynamic data and then use a script to convert that page to a PDF and push it to the user's browser.  The best free script I've seen to do that is domPDF:


The second way (Phatzer's way) is use the PDF libraries in PHP to build your document line by line.  You should also look into fpdf (http://www.fpdf.org/) and ezpdf (http://www.ros.co.nz/pdf/) for solutions in this case.

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