Can't print MCs with filter? (AS3)


Does anyone know how you can print a sprite of which its filters was changed during runtime (AS3), not resulting in printing the non-filtered sprite (which happens all the time over here).
Is this normal behavior or not and what can be done about it ?

(I already tried setting PrintOptions to true)

I use the following filter:
      this.filters=new Array(new ColorMatrixFilter(matrix));
...and print as follows:
      try {            ....
            catch(e:Error) {                        // do nothing                  }

I really need it with filter (to black or red), otherwise my sprite becomes white on white on print (and they have to be white by default for other filters I use during runtime).

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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have looked into this and from flash 9 player release notes..

Known issues
Bitmap effects and filters cannot be printed. (185581)

this person seems to know but you will need to buy a couple of the modules to find out.(they're only $3 each) :)
R-U-BnAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, so far!!!
Unfortunatly, none of the solutions presented are helping me further.   Anyone else knows the solution or can confirm that this simply is a bug (in CS3 / AS3)?

 (The one from Zeffer because I don't want to pay for something that later would turn out to be a hoax or something not quite the same and secondly, I can't pay for every problem I have either. Professional, but volunteer here :-) )

(The ones from Dusan911, because I am talking about AS3 not 2 and also the relative functions  (or the "migrated solutions", so to speak) proposed in those solutions, I have already tried and put in my question (quote:"(I already tried setting PrintOptions to true)" which equals {printAsBitmap:true}).
R-U-BnAuthor Commented:
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