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Is this safe?

I found this site for listing to directories for a very cheap price.  I will list the details below.  I would set up an email account specifically for this purpose.  I am sure that it would get a lot of spam but is there more downsides than this.  I guess is this something that I should use?

Submissions to be made: 989
Cost per submission: $0.14
Total Cost: $138.46
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Peter Hart
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sounds expensive - this is a black art and no one can promise results.
ensure you have your site "ready for search engines and spiders" - i.e. you must have the keywords and metatags setup.

I personally use the following for many of my clients.

I also reccommend you get a google account and follow their advice to webmasters and how best to have keywords and also set up a sitemap. (its all free with google) see:
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"i.e. you must have the keywords and metatags setup."

Not true.  Meta tags are not a ranking factor and have not been for many years.  Metas can only impact your rankings if you fill them full of keyword spam in which case your rankings will be harmed rather than helped.


Wow, what a terrible service !  With due respect, chilternPC, stop using it for the sake of your clients !  "monthly submission to 400+ search engines"   "guaranteed Google placement"   "meta tag generation"  - these are all sure signs that these people have no idea what they are doing.  Like many hosting companies, they are trying to create the impression of value added services, but they are even CHARGING for this garbage.

If you want to know how to properly optimize and promote your site, see  Forget the shameful nonsense fasthosts is peddling.
thanks for the advice  onthe traffice driver.  
 do you have a site ranked using  just ?
There is no real trick to SEO.  Success depends on applying some sound fundamentals over time.  The tutorial I linked to is written and maintained by duz, EE's foremost SEO expert.

Taking the time to carefully read through the tutorial (and the rest of the blog) will put you well ahead of most people and many SEO 'consultants'.  While there is more to learn, the steady application of those principles will help you improve the SE ranking of your sites.  And yes, I can say that in confidence from a position of direct experience.

The other benefit of the tutorial is that it will help you steer clear of the pitfalls that result from the abundance of misinformation and outdated information that exists online.  Most good SEO professionals will tell you that more than half their work comes in the form of cleaning up the messes made by others, whether innocently following misguided or outdated information or - even worse - disreputable and dishonest peddlers of empty promises.