OS Patching Failed

Hi Unix Gurus,

Please let me know the procedure to recover a Soalris server crashed after OS patching. The server is running Soalris 9.0 with Veritas volume Manager 4.1.

Thank you

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seroheyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot system from CD.  modify /etc/system and /etc/vfstab to boot without veritas. Also comment startup scripts for veritas in /etc/rcS.d
Boot system in single user mode and then remove patches one by one.
Depends on the nature of the "crash".  If the server is bootable, bring up in single user mode and remove the patch with

patchrm <patch id>
arunmozhiAuthor Commented:
Let me explain the complete detail:
0. Complete backup wastaken
1. The rootdg is mirrored with Veritas
2. Before pathcing the mirror was deleted
3.But while matching the mirror was reattached by mistake and both the disks are patched and now is down.
Please let me know how to bring back the system from backup.
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