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small/mid-size business router

I need to buy a new router for a small-business office of 30 users with expansion up to 50 users. I'm looking for a reliable fast router with an easy set-up. In addition to that, i'd like to spend around $100.
Currently, we have business DSL line, but will upgrade to business cable. Now, we have Linksys 54GS router, and it seems like it's kinda slow, however i'm not sure if it's supposted to be able to handle that many users.
Please provide some options. Any ideas welcome!
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Thanks for idea with checking the bandwidth used!

I installed cheap linksys w/ firewall...
and it seems like it's ok for now. It's still slow b/c dsl spee is like  600down/400up but it's ok untill we upgrade the connection i guess.

Thank You.