Rogue Wave Objective Grid 5.0 & 11.0 --- Backwards compatibility & acquisition issues


I'm performing 3rd party analysis of a very large software system. Unfortunately, the code was shipped to me without an installer and without Rogue Wave Objective Grid 5.0.

So, I'm trying to get things compiled, and I lack the source code for Rogue Wave.

The latest commercial offering from Rogue Wave is version 11.0, they don't offer old versions.

Assuming that I can't obtain Objective Grid 5.0 in a timely fashion from the owners of the software system that I'm analyzing, what do you think my best options are?

I've already contacted Rogue Wave, they've said that 11.0 is "sort of" backwards compatible.

Does anybody have experience migrating an app that utilizes 5.0 to 11.0?

I understand this is a pretty specific question, so I'm not expecting much out of the answers...

but if someobody does have some good insight, it would save me a lot of time.

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
>>Assuming that I can't obtain Objective Grid 5.0 in a timely fashion from the owners of the software system that I'm analyzing, what do you think my best options are?

Well they are paying you to analyse the software so I would make it very clear to them that they haven't supplied all the code necessary for you to perform that task.  
Using a different version is NOT an option to analyse the existing code.  (Bugs might have been *changed* for instance - old ones fixed, new ones introduced)
oxygen_728Author Commented:
Andy, I agree

But since the analysis contract is for 1.5 months, and i would expect it to take 2 to 3 weeks to obtain it from the original development firm... that really hurts me, although it remains an option

Thanks for your time
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Using a newer version of the control + software is NOT analysing the applications code as supplied to you.

Which is worse, insisting that you require the complete source code IMMEDIATELY to finish the task in the quoted time or opening yourself to potential legal problems by not doing the analysis contracted for, instead analysing some code that does not exist in the company contracting your services and then sending them the bill for the analysis ?
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Don't forget - you have quoted a time to perform the task in, can you really be held responsible if you fail to meet that time because the company did not supply you the code you were meant to analyse.
oxygen_728Author Commented:
It is true that I would not be held responsible for a poorer job due to not being supplied with the proper supplies... however I have a tendency to outperform whenever possible, so that's why I was trying so hard to find a copy in a short amount of time.

Thanks for the tips
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:

>>however I have a tendency to outperform whenever possible

I also try to excel.  It is easier to keep an existing client than to win a new one.
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