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I have IP addresses and need to find MAC addresses for Avaya Video Conferencing devices

I have a list of IP addresses for some Avaya Video Conferencing cameras from remote offices and need to determine their MAC addresses.  I did a ping and then show arp but it did not show up in the arp table.  We only use Cisco routers and switches with IOS 12.4(16).  Is it because arp does not resolve non-Windows devices?  Thank you in advance.
1 Solution
No, arp resolves local devices only. Besides that you will see devices communicating with your local host only. Simpliest way is to login to remote switch and issue following command

sh mac-address

It will give a list of all MAC addresses in the local segment.


once you have done ping to the device, issue the following command:
sh ip arp | include <ip address>
this will show you the mac address of the ip address you specify.

the arp tables in the cisco device does not care which manufacture you are using.

ping the devices from the router

the issue the show arp | include <ip address>
bnguyen714Author Commented:
The command is acutally "sho ip arp <ip address>".  Thanks for the guidance.

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