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Use Different Background Graphic Depending on Client's Screen Resolution

I want the HTML page to load one background graphic if the client's screen resolution is 800x600, but a different background graphic if the client's resolution is 1024x768 or higher. (Assume clients are using IE6.)
   I know this javascript will detect the screen resolution:
     <a href="javascript:alert('Your resolution is '+screen.width+'x'+screen.height);">
Click for your screen resolution</a>

But how can it be adapted to a function that runs automatically on window load or page load and writes a different graphic source into the <body> tag?
    For example, if the resolution is 800x600, I want it to act like:
        <body background=graphic1.jpg>
But if the resolution is 1024x768 or higher, it should act like:
        <body background=graphic2.jpg>

Note: I've seen javascripts that redirect to a different page depending on resolution, but I need a solution that keeps the same page and just changes which graphic is used.
1 Solution
Hello FrankTech,

Try the following:
  <!-- Default to 1024x786 because most people have that -->
  <body background="graphic2.jpg">
     <!-- In-line script which runs immediately after the body tag has been parsed into the DOM tree, but before images are loaded -->
     <script type="text/javascript">
          if (screen.width == "800" && screen.height == "600")
             document.body.background = "graphic1.jpg";


FrankTechAuthor Commented:
Yes. That seems to work. I notice a delay in the 800x600 graphic (I see a blank background for a few milliseconds, then the graphic becomes visible). But I guess that delay is unavoidable.  As you said, most clients will likely have 1024x786 or higher, so that delay should not affect most users. Thanks.

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