Need to build a carry on baggage PC with dual video cards for PowerPoint in extended desk top

I need to build a SMALL PC with dual video cards to allow me play videos in PowerPoint using extended desktop. Currently am doing so with laptops with many problems playing videos again in extended desktop.  Want to contiune to use extended desktop so I see this as my solution. Yes and I on the right track? So, do you know of a small box I can jam in two decient video cards and a good processor to fit in a carry on bag to skip around the country doing my AV thing?
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Rather than focus on the hardware, you might want to check out:
This relatively inexpensive add-in eliminates virtually all video problems in PowerPoint.

Did you build this machine?  What hardware did you go for?
sonofravenAuthor Commented:

Still researchng. Have a Shuttle box. Now trying to figure what inexpensive video card/s I can use. Thinking about a video card with dual outputs and hope that this will allow me to do my extended desktop with ability to play videos in monitor and lcd projector.
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