How Do I Get a New Mac on the Internet?


My client has a brand new Mac Mini. He used to have a PC. He has a DSL modem but no router. Should the Mac automatically connet to the internet when I hook it up? Or do I have to configure something?


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GarbsTheTurtleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to plug the Mac in to the DSL modem, and reboot the modem to get it to recognize the new computer.

If your client had a static IP programmed into the PC, they'll have to re-enter that information into the Mac - otherwise it should be using DHCP.

Are you unable to get to the internet? Any errors?
kara334Author Commented:
I'm going there tomorrow. I just wanted to be prepared. I'll let you know...

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
I'd recommend you take a note of all the Internet settings on the PC, Open the Network Preferences for the relevant Ethernet connection and take a note of the IP address, subnet, router and DHCP settings.. you can also open a DOS Command window and enter ..     ipconfig -all

Again write down the settings

Now when you plug the MAC mini into the router .. Open the System Preferences, Network Pane .. and cick the Assist Me button

This will open a program called Network Setup Assistant which will help automatically configure the Mac Mini ..

Good Luck
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