update the software or driver of my usb mp3 player

i want  to update the software features of my usb mp3 player ??
i have also tried to update it but finaly guys  i lose so dats way i m asking this question to u dat how can i update my software of my usb mp3 player or how can i add new features in it?
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Peter HartCommented:
what model is the mp3 player?
usually you need to go to the makers website and look for downloads/support page
Not all the mp3 players can update their firmware.
You need to check the manufacture website for updates.
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
it was from danny company ....I have found out the ungrade myself ....

Since not a particular solution was added to this question will you both allow me to post a request On the community support to close the question with refund of points ????

thankz ......
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I think that both of us suggested going to the manufacture/makers website for update.
That IS the solution.
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
well i don't think this is a solution to this question ....the question i asked did not have the mp3player name ..so automatically no searching , nothing has to be done !!
i think i may post this in the community support to see what can be done ...since the question is of 500points ....this is serious ....

if an adviser thinks that this can be accepted as an answer i will be happy to close this with 250 split ...other wise the question may be deleted ....

lets see ... !!
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
I have never graded a question with a 'B' this is the first time i am doing so !! ....
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
I have never graded a question with a 'B' grade ...this is the first question im grading with a B ...i dont knew why but i am :)

well as suggested by the admins i am closing with a split of this question ... !!

thanks both of you ....

u can look here for the suggestion

all is well that ends well !!
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