Why one member function is missing from the XSD.exe generated class file?

I am using a commerical application software, which provides a list of .XSD files corresponding to program features for customer development based on these files. It says using XSD.exe tool to generate classes and include it in the project. When i tried on one of the schema file using XSD.exe, I found a function of a class I need is missing from the generated code, but in the sample generated file provided by the software company, that function is included in the generated class file. It's very strange because other parts of the class files generated by this schema file and XSD.exe tool seem to be very ok. It's only this function in this generated class is missing. Unfortunately, I need this function to proceed. Anybody met this kind of things and can kindly give me any suggestion or hint? Thanks a lot.
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Die-TechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems odd that the whole class generation wouldn't fail if a method failed to generate.  Are you getting any errors?  Can you provide information on the class and method that doesn't get generated?

The company you mention may have a knowledge base or support that can address your issue since it's a commercial application.
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