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Microsoft Exchange Sending as solution

I am a deligate for someone else on our exchange server.  If I want to send an email as this user I change the from field to their name.  I have to cc the email to the user so they know i have sent the email.  Is there a way to get the email to go straight into their sent items rather than mine or as well as mine?
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This is what MS claims it is a "feature" that is "working as designed"; see:

For a solution, do the following:

Configure a rule on the person with Send on Behalf of rights  Outlook client
Start from a blank rule choose the Check Messages after sending option and then click on the Next button.
You need to select the with specific words in the subject option
you need to click on the specific words option which will open the specific words or phrases to search for in the subject dialog box;
Choose a unique word or phrase that can be placed in the rule (For example your Manager initials)
now select the CC th message to the people or distribution list, choose the person that you are sending on behalf, then give the rule a name.

Configure a rule in the managers mailbox:
configure a rule that will move the message into the sent items folder
Start from a blank rule choose the Check Messages when they arrive option
Choose the with specific words in the subject,  enter in the exact unique work that you chose earlier (your manager initials)
Choose then move it to the specified folder
choose the Sent Items folder; and  specify a name for this rule.

Hope this helps.
Do you already open up the other users mail folders, or do you just periodically send as?

If you have the ability to open mail folers then you could create a new mail profile to just log in as them. This is how we normally do it to keep everything consistent.
There's not a registry setting for Sent Items to automatically be saved to the owners mailbox as there is with Deleted Items, so the best way to do it is to have access to the owners "Sent Items" folder and move the items from yours to his.

If unfamiliar with how to set that up, towards the bottom of the article in the link -- is the setup instructions.


I need to highligh that the solution I mentioned needs to be done once on the two accounts, and then it will be in effect forever.
Create a rule in your account to forward items sent on behalf of your manager to him.
Create a rule in your manager's account to move such emails to his sent items.

For the complete setup, refer back to my previous comment.

Hope it helps
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